How KUNBUS managed to establish the Raspberry Pi & Open Source in the industrial environment with the Revolution Pi

An essential part of our Revolution Pi development philosophy is to enable open source in industrial settings. This means not only providing an open platform, as exemplified by the Raspberry Pi, but also supporting the open source resources it contains. Product Owner Nicolai shares how he and his team anchor open source in the company and why we are also willing to show our hands when it comes to certain parts of our hardware. Continue reading “How KUNBUS managed to establish the Raspberry Pi & Open Source in the industrial environment with the Revolution Pi”

Saving know-how of experienced machine operators with Revolution Pi

Their knowledge is often based on decades of experience: Machine and plant operators are hard to replace – they hear and feel their machines. So, what can be done when there are no successors? One possibility is to imitate this know-how digitally. Here, Revolution Pis can support knowledge management without interfering with existing systems. Continue reading “Saving know-how of experienced machine operators with Revolution Pi”

Introducing CDP Studio – IT software tools with OT convenience

The Industry 4.0 era sees increased use of Linux based industrial PCs for automation systems, blurring the line between IT and OT (automation). Revolution Pi is an excellent example and that`s why CDP Studio pre-configured the RevPi range in their development platform (IDE), so customers can easily develop IT-based automation systems. Continue reading “Introducing CDP Studio – IT software tools with OT convenience”

First choice system integrator: erminas GmbH

The success of Revolution Pi is contributed by the countless system integrators around the world who use our devices for their projects. Therefore, we would like to introduce one of our first choice system integrators: erminas GmbH based in Oldenburg (Germany) has been with us since the introduction of Revolution Pis in 2016 and has since implemented countless (I)IoT projects with a wide variety of RevPis. We talk to Hilmar Bunjes, founder and CEO of erminas. Continue reading “First choice system integrator: erminas GmbH”

Use Case: How Revolution Pi helps to revolutionize the energy market

In today’s blog post we would like to introduce you to an interesting field of application of our Revolution Pi by the company Oxygen Technologies. The german-based company Oxygen Technologies is a Fraunhofer spin-off in the field of energy informatics and develops in partnership with KUNBUS algorithms and IT solutions for automated peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of energy generated by decentralized power plants. Continue reading “Use Case: How Revolution Pi helps to revolutionize the energy market”

Revolution Pi meets TeamViewer

We were flabbergasted when in August 2016 (that was two months before the official release of Revolution Pi) TeamViewer did ask us for a RevPi test system. Some weeks later in October we had our first meeting forging a plan for technical collaboration. The bottom line was to enable remote monitoring and control of machines crossing any firewalls and yet following highest security standards. Continue reading “Revolution Pi meets TeamViewer”

Product of the year 2017

Today we proudly announce that Revolution Pi has won another award. At the “Products of the Year 2017” award, Revolution Pi was able to gain a respectable 3rd place in the category automation. The “Products of the Year” award is a readers’ prize, which has already been awarded for the 19th time by the readers of the German magazine “Elektronik” and its online portal Continue reading “Product of the year 2017”

IIoT? Sure, but secure like Fort Knox!

When we announced to bring our RevPi Core to the internet this statement was the measure of all our decisions. We wanted to definitely avoid mishaps like one of the big Smart Home companies experienced lately. But doesn’t this grate with the concept of open source? How can we protect a system against manipulation and hacking attacks when telling everyone your technical secrets? Continue reading “IIoT? Sure, but secure like Fort Knox!”

Easy Integration of your own Modules

We’ve set up Revolution Pi as an open source project because we would love to see you all as a community pushing this project forward. This is why we will publish the circuit drawings, important mechanical data and source codes. You will even be able to buy all the mechanical parts needed to build your own modules and integrate them into the Revolution Pi family. Continue reading “Easy Integration of your own Modules”

Easy Configuration with PiCtory

PiCtory is a perfect tool to define the physical position of hardware modules and symbolic names of their in- and outputs. These definitions are written to a JSON file and used by our main driver PiControl and all other drivers. But PiCtory also enables you to define configuration values for hardware modules or installed drivers. Continue reading “Easy Configuration with PiCtory”

Full Control by using PiControl

Although we’ve used its name throughout many newsletters we’ve never really explained it in detail: PiControl (aka “PiCon”) –the central driver of RevPi Core. It is the heart of our firmware as only PiCon enables your application software to exchange data with the central processing image. But PiCon offers more than just a software interface: Continue reading “Full Control by using PiControl”

Listen up Makers!

If you are a Gyro Gearloose who loves tinkering you will love this blog post. You know, although “suitable for industrial applications” is great and gives you guarantee that your device will work in rugged environments on the factory floor, it also means that there is unfortunately no possibility for “quick and dirty” connections of 5 V TTL signals or I2C sensors. If you as a maker can’t do without such connectivity you will love our easy and flexible solution for small money: The Arduino (&Co)-Connectivity! Continue reading “Listen up Makers!”