How to find out Linux Device Path (Compact)

If you connect a device to your RevPi Compact and want to access it e.g. via PiCtory, you may need a so-called “device path”. This device path specifies the location in the Linux directory structure where the device is currently located.

Under Windows there is also such a directory path. You can see it in the navigation bar when you click on a USB stick in Explorer, for example. So the principle is the same, unfortunately it is a little less comfortable to find a device under Linux. But don’t worry, we’ll help you!

Let’s go!

  • Start your RevPi Compact and Login.

Important! Your device must not yet be plugged in.

  • Enter the following command:
ls /dev/ttyUSB* > /tmp/a 2>/dev/null
  • Now plug in your USB device and wait about 5 seconds.
  • Then enter the following commands:
ls /dev/ttyUSB* > /tmp/b 2>/dev/null
diff /tmp/a /tmp/b

Your device path is now displayed. It is”/dev/ttyUSB0″.

> /dev/ttyUSB0