Overview RevPi RO

The RevPi RO – Relay Output Module is an RevPi I/O expansion module for your Revolution Pi system. The RevPi RO features four relay outputs for any purpose, e.g. to turn on and off the power supply of connected hardware.

The RevPi RO only works together with a RevPi base module RevPi Core or RevPi Connect.




1 Status LED Power Displays the device status:

  • Green: The device is ready for operation.
  • Flashing red: The connection to the RevPi base module is established (initialization phase).
  • Red: An error has occurred. Check that you are using a suitable power supply unit and that all cables are connected correctly, see: Connecting the Power Supply.
2 Status LEDs
OUT 1 to OUT 4
Displays the status of the respective relay output.

  • Green: Relay is switched on.
  • Red: Warning limit for switching operations has been reached (relay is switched off)
  • Red/green flashing: Warning limit for switching operations has been reached (relay is switched on).

See: Setting the Warning Limit for Switching Operations.

3 Relay outputs
OUT 1 to OUT 4
Relay outputs 1 to 4 for switching loads.
They are designed as potential-free NO contacts (NO/normally open) and can switch up to 5 A current (2 A inductive) with a maximum voltage of 250 V AC or 30 V DC.
4 X4 connector Connection for the power supply in a voltage range of 10.7 … 28.8 V.
See: Connecting the Power Supply.





1 PiBridge connections You connect your RevPi base module to your RevPi expansion modules via the PiBridge connections.
See: How to Connect Revolution Pi Modules.
2 Locking clamps The two locking clamps (top and bottom) attach the device to the DIN rail.
See: Installing RevPi Modules on a Top-hat Rail.