RevPi Flat S




1 Digital output
(relay contact)
Digital output
2 USB 2.0 Type-A USB interfaces
3 Status LEDs Controlling status LEDs
4 Ethernet
(4 × RJ45 socket)
Ethernet interfaces
5 Button With the button you can perform actions such as the controlled shutdown of the RevPi.It can be retrieved by software in the same way as a keyboard entry. The KEY_UNKNOWN key code is used (corresponds to value 240).
6 Micro USB Image backup and new installation
7 Locking clamps Mounting the RevPi Flat
8 WLAN / Bluetooth
(RP-SMA socket)
 Setting up WLAN and Bluetooth
9 RS485-1
(RJ14 connection)
Connecting serial devices
10 RS485-0
(3-pin plug)
Connecting serial devices
11 Analog input /
Analog output
(5-pin plug)
Analog inputs and outputs
(2-pin plug)
Connecting the power supply