How to Configure RevPi Gate for Sercos

Setting Sercos Address

You can set the Sercos Address for the gateway component using the two rotary switches.

0 The Sercos Address from the webserver configuration is used. In this case, the Sercos Address can also be set by the Sercos Master (IDN S-0-1040).

Tip!: You can use a Sercos Address from 1 tos 511 via the Webserver/Sercos-Master.

1-254 Sercos Address that can be set by the rotary Switch.
255 When switching on, all configuration settings are reset to the factory settings. Then restart the device.

The station address is set as a hexadecimal.

Example: Setting the station number 18.

Set switch x16 (1) to position “2”.

Set switch x1 (2) to position “1”.

The settings yield the hexadecimal value 0x12 and the decimal value 18.