Revolution Pi product series

Revolution Pi

Open source, modular, cost-effective. Your tool of choice for implementing your IIoT & automation projects

Meet the Revolution Pi family

Revolution Pi is an open, modular and inexpensive industrial PC based on the well-known Raspberry Pi. Housed in a slim DIN-rail housing, the three available base modules can be seamlessly expanded by a variety of suitable I/O modules and fieldbus gateways. The 24V powered modules are connected via an overhead connector in seconds and can be easily configured via a graphical configuration tool.

No lazy compromises when it comes to industrial suitability

To achieve a real industrial suitability according to EN 61131-2 or IEC 61131-2, the rather unknown Raspberry Pi Compute Module was used as a basis. The module, which looks like a notebook RAM bar, is limited to the essentials and does not have any external interfaces. With the Raspberry Pi Compute Module the foundation has been laid for equipping the Raspberry Pi with a robust and industry-compatible periphery developed by us, which meets all important industrial standards. On the software side, the Revolution Pi has a specially adapted Raspberry Pi OS (formerly known as Raspbian) operating system, which is equipped with a real-time patch. The use of Raspberry Pi OS ensures that most of the applications developed for the Raspberry Pi can also be used on the Revolution Pi.

Further information and all technical data on hardware and software can be found on the product pages of the individual modules.

If you are interested in a customised solution of the Revolution Pi, take a closer look at this page.

Revolution Pi auseinander gebaut
The base module RevPi Core 3 dismantled into its components. In the middle of the picture you can see the Raspberry Pi Compute module.

Flexible hardware and software

Thanks to the open, Linux-based operating system and the modular hardware approach, the Revolution Pi systems can be used for (almost) any application. Whether the Revolution Pi is used as an IIoT gateway, edge device, soft PLC or IPC is entirely up to the user, enabling flexible adaptation to a wide range of requirements.

Graphic showing a selection of supported hardware and software


Optional expansion modules are available for connecting analog and digital sensors as well as actuators. Depending on the base device, up to ten such modules can be connected, each supporting up to 16 inputs or outputs.


Certified for major cloud platforms such as AWS, MS Azure, and Cumulocity, the Revolution Pi is ideal for serving as an IIoT gateway between the OT and IT worlds.


Support for a wide range of industrial protocols such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus, MQTT, or OPC-UA ensures seamless integration into various industrial environments, both at the OT and IT levels.

Programming & Control

Thanks to the specially adapted and continuously maintained Linux-based operating system Raspbian, the Revolution Pi is highly flexible in programming. It enables applications such as SOFT-SPS with CODESYS (separate license required), Node-RED, or Python.


The base module of the Revolution Pi finds diverse applications as a classic IPC for industrial purposes. With HDMI output for monitor/touchscreen and USB ports for mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals such as cameras or scanners, it offers versatile and varied deployment options.