Connecting power supply (Compact)

Do not connect the RevPi Compact to the power supply until all other devices and plugs are connected.
If the RevPi Compact is already connected to the power source before you connect other devices, the devices may be destroyed.Make sure that the wiring is correct, otherwise it is possible that your devices will be destroyed!
To connect your RevPi Compact to the power supply, we supply you with a plug. Besides, you need:
  • Power supply unit (available in our shop).
    The power supply unit must have at least 20 W.
  • Cable with a cross-section (thickness) of 0,35 – max. 2,5 mm2
  • When using stranded wire, use wire end sleeves suitable for the cable.

Let’s go:

  • If necessary, disconnect your RevPi Compact and all connected devices from the power supply.
  • Wire the plug. The plug is assigned as follows:
Pin Assignment
Functional earth  (FE)
Functional earth  (FE)
0 V Ground
24 V 24 V supply for the module supply
  • Connect the functional earth to .
    This is necessary so that the energy can be dissipated from interference pulses and thus does not cause disturbances or defects in the module.
  • Check once again that everything is really connected correctly.

Now you can connect the RevPi Compact to the power supply.