How to Use piTest

piTest is a tool with which you can access the process image of your system. The code for this tool can be found on your RevPi in the “/home/pi/demo” folder and in the Downloads area.

You can use piTest in the command line. Open it with the command “piTest”.


In the following table you will find a list of all commands that you can use with piTest.




Single output, not continuous.


Outputs a list of the used devices. This can be useful e.g. if a device was not configured in PiCtory.


Update firmware


Reading bit b from offset 0.


Wait for reset of the driver.


Only the value is output without text.

-r <var_Name>


Read l bytes from offset o.

f* is the optional parameter for the output format (h = hexadecimal, d = decimal (standard), b = binary).

-R <addr>,<bs>*

Reset the counters or encoders of a DIO or DI module.

<addr> is the address of the module as in the output with –d

<bs> is a bit field for selecting the affected inputs. If the counter at the Pin N input is to be reset, the bit number N must be set to 1.

For example: -R 32.0×0014

Reset the counters for the inputs I_3 and I_5 of the module to address 32.

-s <o>,<b>,<0|1>

Set bit b (0-7) from byte offset b with the value 0 or 1.

-v <var_Name>

Outputs information about a variable, e.g.: offset and length.

-w <var_Name>,<v>

Write the value in the variable.

-w <o>,<l>,<v>

Write l bytes from offset o in hexadecimal format with the value v.

Length can be 1, 2 or 4.


Driver reset, corresponds to restart of the piControl process.