Retrieving RevPi Device Information

For RevPi devices without HAT EEPROM you can only retrieve the image version. For devices with HAT EEPROM you can retrieve additional device information.
You can find information about the HAT EEPROM in GitHub.

Retrieving the Image Version

The RevPi devices have a Linux operating system as a basis. This has a code name, such as “Buster”.
If you exchange with other RevPi users, it is important to know the code name of your operating system.

  • Retrieve the codename and release date of the installed operating system  with the following command:
    cat /etc/revpi/image-release

You will be shown the version, e.g. for a Buster system of April 22, 2021:

Retrieving Further Information for RevPi Devices with HAT EEPROM

For RevPi devices with HAT EEPROM you can retrieve more information about the device and HAT EEPROM.

  • Retrieve further information with the following command:

Among other things the product type, version, serial number and the first MAC address are displayed.

If your RevPi device is not equipped with a HAT EEPROM, the following error message is displayed:
An error occurred while reading the HAT contents: HAT EEPROM path does not exist