How to Back Up Data

Before you load a new image on your RevPi Flat, we recommend backing up the data that is important to you. There are different ways to back up your data. In this tutorial we will show you how to back up data with an FTP server on your PC.

You can also back up the data with Netcat, for example, or save them directly in a cloud.


  • Install an FTP client on your PC (e.g. FileZilla).
  • Make sure that your RevPi Flat and the PC are in one network.
  • Determine the IP address of your RevPi Flats.

Let’s go:

  • Open the FTP client.
  • Enter the following parameters to establish a connection to your RevPi Flat:


IP address of your RevPi Flats


Username of your RevPi Flats. If you have not changed this, the username is “pi”.


Password for your RevPi Flats. You will find this on the sticker on the side of your RevPi Flats.


22 (default value for SFTP)

  • Click on “Quickconnect”.

In the status window you can see whether your connections can be established or whether there is an error.

You now have access to the local data on your PC (“Local site” window) and to the data of your RevPi Flat (“Remote site” window).

To back up the data on your PC, simply select it on the RevPi Flat and drag and drop it to the required location on your PC.