Digital In and Outputs

Just like Raspberry Pi, Revolution Pi also comes with GPIO pins. GPIO is an interface that transfers signals that, for example, are picked up from a sensor to the control unit. The interface has 28 individual pins from which, depending on the model, you can use 14 and 16 respectively to read and send out signals. The GPIO’s are not, like on Raspberry Pi, directly usable on the RevPi Core as the architecture is not suitable for use in an industrial environment. We therefore offer IO modules in a separate housing. You can simply connect the IO modules with the PiBridge using your RevPi Core.

Our current IO module range includes:

Product Available inputs Available outputs
RevPi DIO 14 14
RevPi DI 16
RevPi DO 16


The pins are occupied as follows:

1 IN1 IN1
2 IN2 IN2
3 IN3 IN3
4 IN4 IN4
5 IN5 IN5
6 IN6 IN6
7 IN7 IN7
8 IN8 IN8
9 IN9 IN9
10 IN10 IN10
11 IN11 IN11
12 IN12 IN12
13 IN13 IN13 OUT15
14 IN14 IN14 OUT16
15 OUT13 IN15 OUT13
16 OUT14 IN16 OUT14
17 OUT11 OUT11
18 OUT12 OUT12
19 OUT9 OUT9
20 OUT10 OUT10
21 OUT7 OUT7
22 OUT8 OUT8
23 OUT5 OUT5
24 OUT6 OUT6
25 OUT3 OUT3
26 OUT4 OUT4
27 OUT1 OUT1
28 OUT2 OUT2
-: don’t use, don’t connect