How to Change the Password

Every RevPi Flat is supplied with its own credentials for data security reasons; these are created randomly during production. You will find this on the sticker on the side of your RevPi Flat. However, you can change the password.


  • You have access to your RevPi Flat.
  • There is an image on your RevPi Flat.

Let’s go!

Info: Confirm your entries with the enter button.

  • Enter your username and password.

Info: The entry of your password is not shown in Linux. Don’t worry! As soon as your password has been entered correctly, it will be accepted anyway.

  • Enter the command “Passwd”.
  • Enter the current password.
  • Enter the new password. The new password must be entered twice.

You have now successfully changed your password.


Your RevPi is accessible over the Internet if there is network access. Depending on how this network access is secured, it possibly also allows other persons to log onto the device and thus gain access to data and all functions. You should therefore always choose a “strong” password and work in “headless” mode, meaning that you only access the network via devices that you know. Unknown devices could record keyboard entries, for example, and thus spy on your credentials.

Notes about “strong” passwords can be found here, for example, and here you will find tips for remembering this type of password.