Overview RevPi I/O modules

The RevPi I/O modules have a number of connections that you are sure to use for your project. Here you can find out which they are and what they can be used for.

RevPi DIO Voderseite
RevPi DIO Front


Position Connection/Signal display
1 Status LEDs
LED Power shows whether you RevPi Core is functioning properly (green ) or whether there’s a problem (red).
2 GPIO interface
Interface to read and/or emit signals.
The way in which the GPIO pins are occupied varies depending on the model. Detailed information can be found in the “Digital Inputs and Outputs” chapter.
3 Power supply
Only connect up to the power supply after you have plugged in all the connections and your device is mounted on the DIN rail.
You can operate RevPi devices in a 10.7 – 28.8 voltage range. You can find out about how you connect up your RevPi DIO/DI/DO in the “Connecting the power supply” chapter.

RevPi DIO back
RevPi DIO Back
Position Connection
1 PiBridge cnnectors
PiBridge connectors enable you to enhance your RevPi system. Interconnect two modules by plugging the Pi Bridge plug into the PiBridge connectors of both modules.
2 Locking bracket
Lock your module on the DIN rail securely with the locking bracket.

Tip: Dirk explains in a video (in German) how to set up RevPi DIO/DI/DO modules. Click here for the video.