How to Change the Password (Compact)

Due to reasons of data security, each RevPi Compact is supplied with its own log-in data which was created randomly during production. They are written on a sticker on the side of your RevPi Compact. However, you can also change the password.


  • You have access to your RevPi Compact.
  • An image is to be found on your RevPi Compact.

Let’s go!

Info!: Always confirm your entries by pressing the “Enter” key.

  • Enter your user name and password.

Info! Entering your password will not be shown on Linux. Don’t be worried. As long as the password is correct, it will accepted nevertheless.

Linux Terminal Screenshot
Linux Terminal
  • Enter the command “Password”
Initialise change password
Initialise change password
  • Enter the current password
Eingabe aktuelles Passwort Screenshot
Enter the current password
  • Enter your new password. You will be required to enter the password twice.
Eingabe neues Passwort Screenshot
New Password

You have updated your password successfully.

Password has been updated successfully
Password has been updated successfully

Your RevPi Compact can be reached wherever there is network access via the internet. Depending upon how the network access is safeguarded, it may be possible for other persons to also log-in to the device and gain access to files and every single function. Therefore you should always select a “strong” password and when in headless operation – access via the network – only work using devices you know. Unknown devices could for example register keyboard entries and therefore spy on your log-in data.