Which MTBF values are there for the RevPi products?

The MTBF calculation is based on the RDF 2000 method:

PiCore (CM3)
@50°C : 59 years
@65°C : 23 years

RevPi Connect (PR100274R02)
@50°C : 36 years
@65°C : 17 years

What about long-term availability?

The delivery capability of the CM3 is guaranteed by the RaspberryPi Foundation until 2026.
If we have a contract about a longer availability we can make a secure storage of the needed amount.
However, if the CM4 will be released and eventually a CM5, etc. then this will be faster, safer and cheaper in the price / performance ratio.

Why does the RevPi Gate’s power LED doesn’t light up even though power is connected?

RevPi Gate modules have control lines on the PiBridge that can be used to set them into bootloader mode to perform firmware updates via the PiBridge. If a RevPi Gate is now connected to the power supply and the PiBridge is connected to a RevPi Core that is not yet connected to the power supply, the RevPi Gate switches to this bootloader mode. In this mode, the power LED doesn’t light up and the module cannot exchange data via the PiBridge.

In order for the RevPi Gate module to work properly, please make sure that the RevPi Core and the RevPi Gate module are always connected to power simultaneously.

In a control cabinet, this is usually not  a problem as both devices are connected to the same power supply and therefore receive electricity simultaneously when the power supply unit is switched on.

What are the login credentials for Shell(SSH)?

Unlike accessing the integrated web server, the username for the shell is “pi”.
The password is printed on a label on the side of your RevPi Core (it is unique for each device).
If you want to change your password, please take a look at this tutorial.

What are the login credentials for RevPi web status?

RevPi Core has its own web server. Via HTTPS you can access the webstatus of the RevPi Core with any browser via the IP of your RevPi Core. The login username is “admin” and the password is printed on a label on the side of your RevPi Core (it is unique for each device).

If you want to change your password, please take a look at this tutorial.

For further information about RevPi web status, please take a look at the web status tutorial.

Why can’t I log in after changing my RevPi Gates password?

Some RevPi Gate modules (e. g. the RevPi Gate Modbus TCP) have a built-in web server for configuration via PC or laptop. For example, the IP address or DHCP can be set for the Modbus TCP Gateway. To get to this configuration you have to use login with the user “Admin” (attention: username is case-sensitive!) and the default password “1701”. To protect the device against unauthorized access, you should configure a new password.

If you use more than 8 characters, only the first 8 characters are saved (blank characters in the password cause a complete access block, which can only be removed by us)!
You will only be able to enter the configuration mask the next time you log in by entering the first 8 characters of the password!
Unfortunately, the input mask does not indicate this fact, so that misunderstandings can arise. We will therefore improve the password input during the next firmware update of the gateways.

I cannot login what am I doing wrong?

The letters on the sticker ‘1’ and ‘l’ unfortunately look similar. So change the letters and try to login again.

I downloaded a fresh image but I cannot login. What are the default credentials of a fresh downloaded image?

The user name is ‘pi’ and the password ‘raspberry’. But the default keyboard mapping is German so ‘y’ and ‘z’ keys are switched (QWERTZ). The letters ‘1’ and ‘l’ on the sticker unfortunately look similar. So change the letters and try to login again.

What is the purpose of the “piSerial” tool?

This tool shows among other things the serial number of the crypto chip and the default password. We want to generate a password which is unique on every device. This tool is not part of the open source concept.

I want to save or restore a system image. Why does RPiBoot.exe not connect to my device?

There are various ideas that have been reported to us via our forum:
1) If you see “failed to claim” or “sending bootcode” then just unplug and plug the Micro USB again.
2) Try to reinstall the driver via a command line interface:

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Raspberry Pi\usb_driver\amd64"
install-filter.exe install --inf=../usb_device.inf

I want to restore my device to factory reset but I have made no image. What can I do?

Just download a new image on our online shop. Then follow the instructions of the tutorial “Saving and installing images”.

Also see the FAQ “I downloaded a fresh image but I cannot login”.

What is the purpose of the “revpi-factory-reset” tool?

With this tool you may setup your password and MAC address to factory reset.

Where can I find the serial number of my device?

The serial number is printed on the front case nearby an QR code. There are three lines with numbers the middle line contains the serial number in the form “1234”. The other lines contain the product number and the revision i.e. “100102” and “1.0”.

Do the Raspberry Pi Compute Modules have WiFi functionality?

Only the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 features an optional integrated WLAN module; all other Raspberry Pi Compute Modules (1, 3, 3+, 4S) do not include a WLAN module. Consequently, only the RevPi Connect 4 offers optional WLAN capability. To enable WLAN functionality for other Revolution Pi devices, a WLAN router or a WLAN USB stick can be used.