Mount RevPi Compact

Mount the DIN rail horizontally in the control cabinet according to the manufacturers’ specifications. Only horizontal mounting ensures that air can flow through the RevPi module from bottom to top and cool the electronics(chimney effect). With the RevPi Compact, insufficient cooling can lead to lower computing power because the processor clock frequency is automatically regulated.

  • Mount the RevPi Compact as shown.
  • Make sure that your module has sufficient distance to other devices. We recommend that you keep at least 30 mm distance above and below the device.

It is important that you follow the mounting direction. The connections for HDMI monitor and CSI camera are not screwed to the housing.  If you use the RevPi Compact in a different position, the HDMI monitor and CSI camera connectors may slip out.

We recommend that you additionally attach cables that do not have an industrial plug (e.g. USB, HDMI, etc.) to the DIN rail (e.g. with cable ties). This reduces the mechanical load on the connector.