Connecting the Power Supply




1 24 V 24 V supply for powering the module in a voltage range of 10.7 … 28.8 V
2 0 V 0 V supply (ground)

The other terminals are not used.


Do not connect your RevPi device to the power supply until all other devices and connectors are connected.

If your RevPi device is already connected to the power source before you connect other devices, the devices may be damaged.

An X4 connector for the power supply is included in the scope of delivery.

To connect the power supply, you also need:

  • Power supply unit (the RevPi RO requires maximum 2.5 W)
  • Wiring, cross section 0.35…2.5 mm2
  • If you use stranded wire, apply suitable wire end sleeves
  • Connect terminals 1 and 2 to your power supply unit.