Picture of the RevPi RO on top-hat rail

Relay output module

Powerful solution for switching circuits or isolating control signals.

RevPi RO – Relay Output Module

Wherever electrical circuits need to be controlled and switched, a relay output module such as the RevPi RO is used. This module makes it easy to switch on and off motors, valves, lighting systems, ventilation systems and other devices. It also allows safe disconnection or connection of circuits in various industrial environments. The RevPi RO module is connected to the base module via the PiBridge interface and is compatible with all RevPi Core and RevPi Connect.

Potential-free relay NO contacts

The module is equipped with four potential-free normally open (NO) relays, each with a maximum switching capacity of 230 V AC at 5 A or 30 V DC at 5 A. This flexibility allows the relay module to be used in applications with a wide range of requirements.

Detailed view RevPi RO front

Wear level monitoring

For easy and efficient monitoring of the module function, five LEDs are integrated, one of which indicates the operating status and the other four the relay status. The integrated wear level monitoring allows the user to continuously monitor the predicted life of the relays based on the number of switching cycles already performed.

Key specifications

Size (H x W x D)
Size (H x W x D) 96 x 22.5 x 126 mm (incl. plugs)
Power supply
Power supply 24 V DC (10,8 … 28,8 V DC)
Operating temperature
Operating temperature -20 °C … +55 °C
Connectors 4 x 2-pin socket connectors with spring clamp contacts
Relay type
Relay type NO (normally open)
Max. resistive load
Max. resistive load 5 A at 250 V AC / 5 A at 30 V DC
Max. inductive load
Max. inductive load 2 A at 250 V AC / 2 A at 30 V DC
Optical indicator
Optical indicator 5 x status LEDs (bi-color)
Compatibility All RevPi Core and RevPi Connect base modules