Revolution Pi is now Microsoft Azure certified

Use industrial applications with Microsoft Azure and profit from one of the big players: We are delighted to announce that our Revolution Pi base modules RevPi Core 3+ and RevPi Connect+ are now in the Microsoft Azure Certified Catalog.

It’s a perfect match

Collecting data is one of the RevPi’s strength. And Azure is widely used to create management and monitoring dashboards from machines and plants. Therefore, Revolution Pis are perfect to send data to the Azure cloud. Now, the certification shows officially that your RevPi-solutions will work smoothly in Azure. You can especially profit from Azure IoT that facilitates connecting RevPis to the cloud. If you want to see how smooth it is working, check out the screencast: Salma, our Embedded Systems Engineer, explains the steps of connecting a RevPi and Azure: Video Tutorial – Connect Revolution Pi to Azure.

More about Azure IoT

Azure provides two solutions for connecting and communicating devices: IoT Hub focuses on the connection between devices and the cloud and enables bi-directional communication. IoT Event Hubs is designed for big data streaming. In addition, you can use advanced big data and analytics services. Edge Computing could not be easier. Especially with all the provided support systems in case you need help.

Why we like Azure

Azure is a very well-developed cloud: One can profit from countless different features that make developer’s and system integrator’s life easier. It is possible to store and manage data, develop applications and apps on a provided development environment, as well as host virtual machines or use software directly via the cloud. Also, there is the topic of data security: Azure protects your data at rest as well as in transit. You can also choose where your data will be saved. Microsoft and subprocessors only processes data with explicit agreement. Strong contractual commitments promise to not provide third-parties access without customer’s approval (exception: when it’s required by law. But we don’t think you are criminals).

Screenshot Microsoft Azure Certified Catalog

And as mentioned before: Azure and RevPis are a perfect match. As the RevPi family is modular and flexible, it enables you to obtain data from any device in the industrial world. So let’s get started!

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