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Lockers used to be simple, mechanical containers for valuables that people came into contact with mainly in train stations, banks or swimming centers. Due to the rapid increase in e-commerce and the resulting parcel boom, more and more lockers are also being set up as packing stations, although they no longer have much in common with “traditional” lockers. Today’s lockers offer a much better user experience thanks to intelligent control units and Internet connectivity. For example, they can usually be conveniently controlled from a touchscreen on the unit or even contactlessly via web or app. They also offer a wide range of setting options for the respective operators, such as different user authorizations or time restrictions.

RevPi Core 3+ in the control unit of the Variocube Smart Locker System

The Austria-based company Variocube relies on the Revolution Pi for its intelligent lockers. The RevPi modules have enough power, storage and interfaces to display even sophisticated user interfaces. With the help of the RevPi Core 3+, the hardware of the lockers, such as locking systems, barcode readers, payment terminals, and so on, is controlled. The RevPi Core 3+ also serves as a central data hub: control commands, sensor and application data are stored in a local database system and synchronized in real time to the proprietary cloud solution. This allows applications to be created that always offer a perfect user experience online but remain usable even if the data connection is interrupted.

RevPi Core 3+ integrated in the control unit of the Variocube Smart Locker

About Variocube

Variocube GmbH is a full solution provider in the field of smart lockers, which are used in conjunction with its state-of-the-art IoT platform VC core as logistics hubs in a wide variety of application areas. Variocube provides its customers with turnkey solutions for parcel logistics, click&collect, service processes, intralogistics and daylocker. Furthermore, Variocube also builds customer-specific applications in which its IoT solutions are directly integrated into the customer’s processes (e.g. into an SAP logistics process).

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