Kaizen meets Revolution

Kaizen meets Revolution Teaser

The digital transformation in the manufacturing process involves many factors and changes in approach. Traditional work instructions sometimes consist of hundreds of paper documents and are therefore often executed incorrectly or incompletely. The more intelligent approach is to transform the existing work instructions into a more visual and interactive work instruction.

Our distributor Techsquare in Thailand has thought the same thing and together with its customer, a renown Japanese automotive company, has digitalized and interactively designed the work instructions in their factories. Techsquare used Revolution Pi systems for the implementation.

Schematic drawing Omron PLC connection

Each Revolution Pi system, consisting of a RevPi Core 3 and a RevPi DI digital expansion module, is connected to the already installed OMRON PLC. While the Revolution Pi receives data from the PLC via the RevPi DI, the appropriate work instructions are displayed on a monitor via the HDMI interface of the RevPi Core 3. Furthermore, data, including the logging of work steps, is sent via the RevPi Core 3’s Ethernet connection to a cloud for traceability and analysis.

This transformation is a result from applying the famous Japanese Kaizen concept by performing small improvement actions and being able to achieve the big result by significantly improving the overall production efficiency.

Modules used

  • RevPi Core 3 Icon
    RevPi Core 3
  • RevPi DI Icon
    RevPi DI