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Measuring and analyzing visitor flows and drawing the right conclusions from them has been an important component of successful online business for years. However, the recording of customer frequencies and flows is also essential for stationary retail in order to optimise the placement of new products or goods on offer, for example. What can be implemented quickly online by adding a few extra lines of code, requires the use of extensive hardware such as cameras or light barriers in stationary trade, as well as the ability to evaluate the data locally or in a cloud.

A schematic view of an Edge Collector 2.0 integration

The company Security-Max Analytics GmbH specialized in in-store analysis offers a new, simplified solution, which convinces by low hardware & software requirements, fast setup as well as easy handling and is therefore affordable even for smaller companies. With the Edge Collector 2.0, which is based on the RevPi Connect, metadata from the edge analysis cameras is collected and sent to a cloud every 15 minutes. While the Edge Collector is connected to the cloud via one of its Ethernet interfaces, it is simultaneously integrated into the local network in which the cameras are also connected via its other Ethernet interface. If the upload is temporarily interrupted, the Edge Collector can cache the data and thus prevent data loss. Once in the cloud, the data is automatically processed and displayed in user-specific dashboards or made available in compiled reports. In order to better interpret the information, it is possible to display peak times automatically or to include weather data, for example.

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