Postpress Automation

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Due to the ever-present price pressure and the trend towards increasingly smaller batch sizes, the printing industry has traditionally been a pioneer in the use of new automation technologies. The tendency is continuing in this direction and therefore a generational change in packaging machines is currently becoming apparent. With the CoBo-Stack, the postpress specialists of the folding machine manufacturer MBO have launched a machine that fully automates the labor-intensive manual stacking of folded signatures.

The CoBo-Stack is equipped with a RevPi Core, which handles the visualization (HMI) and the interface to the computer of the robot arm. By using the RevPi Core, the CoBo-Stack can also be easily connected to different networks and production processes can be integrated into an MIS in even more detail. The networking also enables remote maintenance, which allows service calls to be prepared and carried out more effectively or even avoided altogether.

The CoBo-Stack marks the beginning of the fundamental automation in print postpress. It substantially relieves workers in printing plants and bookbinderies of heavy physical labour. The device helps to digitize the stacking process at the end of production machines. Through consistent automation and with the help of a collaborating robot, it is now possible to place loose stacks of up to 6 kg on pallets. Previously, an operator had to take the stacks out of the machine one by one and then place them on the pallet.

Automation of print postpress processing

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