Raspberry Pi vs. Revolution Pi

Since our Revolution Pi is based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, we want to show you the main differences between the Raspberry Pi and our Revolution Pi.

The modularity of Revolution Pi

In this video, we explain how the RevPi Core and RevPi Connect base modules can be expanded by various expansion modules such as I/Os and gateways.

RevPi S and SE series in a nutshell

In this video, Salma introduces our RevPi S and SE series equipped with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4S.

Customization of Revolution Pi

You need an OEM version of the Revolution Pi for your business? No problem. In this video, we explain which customization options are possible.

RevPi Core vs. RevPi Connect

Spoilt for choice. This video shows the differences between the RevPi Core and the RevPi Connect and which additional features the RevPi Connect offers.

RevPi Connect+ feat. CODESYS

RevPi meets CODESYS. Learn the most important facts about the RevPi Connect+ feat. CODESYS in this video.

Introducing the RevPi Compact

Introducing the Revpi Compact, the first RevPi that is not modular, but has all I/O interfaces already integrated in the device.

Introducing the RevPi Flat

Introducing the Revpi Flat, the first RevPi with WLAN and especially designed as a hardware platform for the energy industry.

Raspberry Pi vs. Revolution Pi - How we've turned Raspberry Pi into an industrial grade hardware.