Overview RevPi analog IO module

The RevPi AIO module has many different connections. Here you can find out what these are and what you can use them for.

Frontseite RevPi AIO
PositionConnection/Signal display
1Status LEDs
RevPi AIO module has 3 status LEDs. They indicate different statuses of the RevPi AIO. Please check this table for further information.

2Analog in- and outputs
RevPi AIO module features:

  • 2 analog outputs for voltage and current
  • 4 analog inputs for voltage and current
  • 2 temperature input-channels for RTDs (Pt100/Pt1000)

Please check the pinout diagram.

3Power supply
Only connect up to the power supply after you have plugged in all the connections and your device is mounted on the DIN rail. Modules that are already connected via the PiBridge must always be supplied with power at the same time. Double-check the polarity of the power supply connections of all modules before switching on! You can operate RevPi devices in a voltage range from 12V to 24V. For more information on how to connect your RevPi AIO, please refer to the chapter “Connecting the power supply“.

RevPi AIO Top
RevPi AIO Top
1PiBridge connectors
PiBridge connectors enable you to enhance your RevPi system. Connect two modules by plugging the PiBridge plug into the PiBridge connectors of each modules.
2Locking bracket
Lock your module on the DIN rail securely with the locking bracket.