Overview RevPi Con CAN

The RevPi Con CAN modules are extension modules for RevPi Connect.

1X2 connector
With this connector you can connect your RevPi Con CAN with CAN. Here you can find out how this works and what you have to consider.
2Status LED
RevPi Con CAN has a status LED. It indicates whether your RevPi Con CAN is working correctly (green) or if there is a problem (red).

1ConBridge Connector
The ConBridge connector allows you to connect your Rev Pi Connect to your RevPi con CAN module.  ConBridge also supplies the RevPi con CAN module with power. Make sure that your RevPi Connect is correctly connected to the power supply.
2Ventilation Slots
Air flows through the ventilation slots from bottom to top through the unit and cools the electronics (chimney effect).
Make sure that the ventilation slots are not covered and keep to the installation distances.
3Locking Clamp
Securely fix your modules to the DIN rail with the locking Clip.