RevPi Con M-Bus

The RevPi M-Bus modules are expansion modules for RevPi Connect. As the name suggests, the module works with the Wireless M-Bus protocol (EN 13757-4). This protocol is traditionally used in building services engineering to read meters for gas, water, heat or electricity, but you can also integrate industrial radio modules into your system at low cost.

For this purpose we offer you the module in 2 device variants:

  • RevPi Con M-Bus
    This module operates at 868 MHz and has a range of 800 meters (2/4 antenna/direct line of sight).
  • RevPi Con M-Bus VHP
    This module operates at 169 MHz and has a range of 20.000 meters(2/4 antenna/direct line of sight).

Tip! The documentation for the M-Bus is available free of charge on the website of the  M-Bus User Association . You may find more ideas and information for your project there.


1Power LED
RevPi con M-Bus has a power LED.  It indicates whether your RevPi con M-Bus is correctly supplied with power. The LED lights green when the power supply is active.
2Antenna connector

RevPi con M-Bus has a 50 Ohm SMD connector. Here you can connect an external antenna.

1conBridge connections
The conBridge connectors allow you to connect your Rev Pi Connect to your RevPi M-Bus module. Here you can find out how to connect the communication modules. conBridge also supplies the RevPi M-Bus module with power. Make sure that the con bridge is inserted correctly.
2Ventilation slots
Air flows through the ventilation slots from bottom to top through the unit and cools the electronics (chimney effect).
Make sure that the ventilation slots are not covered and keep to the installation distances.
3Locking Clamp
Fix your modules securely to the DIN rail with the locking clip.