Release Notes Buster 07/2021

Raspberry Pi OS Buster

Our image is based on Raspberry Pi OS 2021-05-07, which is based on Buster and therefore includes all package updates which have been released until May 2021. For more details about Raspberry Pi OS Update, please take a look at Our image comes with kernel 4.19.95-rt38. Node.JS. npm and Node-RED are still preinstalled.

Web-Browser Epiphany

In our last Buster Release 04/2021 we missed to preinstall a web browser. We rectify it with this image and have preinstalled the web browser epiphany.

3rd-party Software



We release PiCtory in version 2.0.3 now. PiCtory is not installed in “/var/www” anymore, it is now installed in “/var/www/revpi”. The problem is now that your application will not work anymore when you upgrade your system from Stretch to Buster, as “config.rsc” cannot be found anymore. To fix that, we have implemented the script “/usr/sbin/” which is now part of revpi-tools-1.0.15-2. Please execute the script with “sudo /usr/sbin/”. After successful execution, your application should work again and also PiCtory should show your latest device configuration again.


We release revpi-tools in version 1.0.15-2. Another script “/usr/sbin/” has been added to fix a PiCtory issue after an upgrade from Stretch to Buster. For further information, please take a look at paragraph “PiCtory”.