Release Notes Buster 01/2022

Raspberry Pi OS Buster

The image is derived from Raspberry Pi OS 12/3/2021, a Buster-based image, and includes all package updates released until December 2021. For more details about the Raspberry Pi OS update, have a look at . Our image still comes with kernel 4.19.95-rt38. Node.JS, npm and Node-RED are still pre-installed.

Third-party Software



logi-rts is available in version 5.0.0-2. The non-interactive installation of the package is fixed with this version and is working properly now.


python-revpimodio2 is available in version Several bugs have been fixed since version 2.5.7. For more details, visit .


PiCtory is available in version 2.0.4. Several security issues are fixed now with this version. For further details take a look at the Security Advisory, which can be found at .


revpi-webstatus is available in version 2.0.2-1. Several bugs and security issues are fixed. For further details take a look at the Security Advisory, which can be found at .


revpi-bluetooth is available in version 1.0.2-1. Some improvements regarding Bluetooth activation have been made. For more details, visit .


piserial is available in version 2.0.1-2. piserial is now licensed under GPL 2.0 and the project is published on . For more details, visit .


nodejs is available in version 14.18.2. For more details, visit .


raspberrypi-kernel is available in version 1:9.20211203-4.19.94+revpi1. For more details, visit .