How to Save and Install a New Image

Before you load the new image onto your RevPi Connect, we recommend that you back up the data that is important for you. There are several ways to back up your data. In this tutorial we will show you how to save an image on a USB stick. You can also save the image on the hard disk of your PC or an external hard disk.

Important! The image can only be copied if the watchdog is deactivated by the jumper on terminals 6 and 7!

In this tutorial we will work with a Windows PC. Of course, this also works with Linux. You can find tools and help on the homepage of Raspberry Pi.

You need:


  • Your PC
  • Power supply unit
  • Cable USB 2.0 type A plug > USB 2.0 type micro B plug
  • Flash drive


Download the files/programmes below and install the programmes on your PC:

Let’s go!

Backing up the old image on a USB stick

  • Connect the RevPi Connect’s micro-USB port with a USB A port on your PC.
  • Open RPi boot.
RPI Startfenster
RPi Startwindow
  • Connect your RevPi Connect with the power supply

RPi Boot is now searching for your RevPi Connect. The following window opens:

RevPi Core wurde erkannt Screenshot
RevPi Connect has been recognised

Your RevPi Connect has been recognised.

  • Click on „Continue without check“
  • Open Win32 Disk Imager.

The following window will open:

Win 32 Disk Imager Startfenster Screenshot
Win 32 Disk Imager start window
  • Click on the File button.
  • Select a file in which the image should be saved.
  • Write in the file name at the end of the selection. The name has to end in “.img”.
  • Select your ReviPi Connect in the drop-down list. Shown will only be the drive letters for selection. If you no longer know what it was then look it up in Explorer. Your RevPi Connect can be found under “Devices with Removable Media”. It will be shown as “boot”.
RevPi Core auswählen Screenshot
RevPi Connect auswählen
  • Click on „Read“.

Your image will now be saved. The process may last a few minutes. You will receive confirmation when the file has been created.

Neues Image aufspielen

  • Download the new Image here
  • Unzip the download
  • Open WinMD5Free
  • Select the file of the new image
  • The program starts calculating the MD5 checksum
  • After a few seconds the calculated checksum is displayed
  • Open the *.MD5 file from the unpacked download with an editor. The file is e.g. 2017-05-31-revpi-jessie.md5
  • Copy the MD5 sum and paste it into the field “Original file MD5 checksum value …” and click on the button “Verify”.
  • If the dialog shows “Matched!”,  the image is correct.
Checksumme korrekt
Checksum correct
  • However, if “NOT Matched!” is displayed, the image is not correct. This can happen in rare cases during download or copying. You must download the image again before you can continue. Restart at ” Load new image”.
Fehler: Checksumme ist nicht korrekt
Error: Checksum not correct
  • Open Win32 Disk Imager.
  • Select your RevPi Connect from the drop-down list. Only the drive letters are displayed for selection. If you don’t remember which one it was, you can look it up in Explorer. You can find your RevPi Connect under “Devices with removable media”. It is displayed as “boot”.
RevPi Core auswählen Screenshot
RevPi Connect auswählen
Check if you really have selected your RevPi Connect.
It is possible that data will be destroyed if you accidentally select the wrong device.
  • Click on the folder icon.
  • Select your image file.
Image-Datei auswählen Screenshot
Select image file
  • Click on „Write“.

Your image will now be loaded onto RevPi Connect. This process can take several minutes. You will receive a confirmation that the file has been transferred:

Datei wurde erfolgreich übertragen Screenshot
File is successfully transferred
While the USB plug is connected to your RevPi Connect, it is in flash mode and cannot be rebooted to run mode. First remove the USB cable and then restart.

You can now log in on your RevPi device.

If you are using Stretch as your image, you will be asked which RevPi device you are using the first time you log in.

  • Specify that you are using a RevPi Connect. The data you need for RevPi Connect is then stored in the image. If you leave the wrong device, it is possible that your device is not working properly.
  • You need to log in on your RevPi device once.

At the first login, the login name is pi and the password is raspberry. The German keyboard layout is set for your device. Since this layout changes regionally, you may need to change the user name:

Keyboard layout by countryUsername
Denmark, UK, USAraspberrz
France, Belgiumraspberrw

If you are using Stretch, you will first be asked which RevPi device you are using.

  • Enter the serial number and MAC address shown on the orange front Panel.

(1) MAC address, (2) Serial number


The password for the next login is automatically reset to the default password on the sticker on the side of the RevPi.

  • Restart the RevPi with sudo reboot. It can only be used to its full extent after the restart.