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Real Time Clock

29 Aug 2018, 08:52

I have used RTC function block from Standard/TimerEnh library.
But for me it works in a very strange way.
Time on the output is time on the input + offset time since first use of RTC.
Is there any method to obtain real RTC? I mean system time.
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Re: Real Time Clock

29 Aug 2018, 09:50

Since this seems to be a logi.CAD3 question I have moved your post here. So I hope that the experts from logi.cals will provide help for your questions. Maybe this discussion here is involved as you have to synchronize the RTC with the system time.
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Re: Real Time Clock

29 Aug 2018, 13:16

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Re: Real Time Clock

20 Nov 2019, 20:38

Ingo, thanks a lot for your link, this github code works like a charm and is very easy to use in logiCAD3.

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