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Delayed RevPi Connect

22 Apr 2018, 21:56

We know: Some of you are waiting longingly for the launch of our new RevPi Connect. We too...;-)
Because of all these delays we would like to inform our community a little more in detail about the delays and how we proceed:
As you know Revolution Pi is based on a high industrial level of quality. That is why we are doing lots of testing according to norms before we release a new product for sales. With lots of pity and during a very late phase of the release process, we detected sever deficits in quality of an important part supplied by a third party. This induced further investigation to reach our goal of an industrial grade product quality. Meantime we have been able to precisely detect the direct cause for the deficits and we are on the way to use alternatives which will meet our quality demands. So we assume launch will be in some weeks, definitely in the first half of this year.
We regret that this delay has caused some of you to get in trouble with their time schedules. But we are committed to the goal that our RevPi Connect deserves the quality it will get now!
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