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Cannot install runtime package on RevPi

09 May 2023, 10:53

Hello guys,

My laptop has already installed Codesys V3.5.18.40 and package Codesys Control for Raspberry PI However I cannot find the relevant deb packge in the path ..\Users\<user name>\CODESYS Control for <device>.
Therefore I cannot install the runtime to the RevPi via "Upgrade Raspberry Pi" in the codesys tool menu. Do you know how to solve the issue?

Thank you for your help.

Cloud Yin
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Re: Cannot install runtime package on RevPi

10 May 2023, 14:10

Hello Cloud,

The RevPi don't support any version of CODESYS Runtime. Please take a look at the CODESYS checklist. Make sure that you are using a suitable setup.

Best Regards,

Ulrich Kouatang Biakoup | Technical Support
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Re: Cannot install runtime package on RevPi

11 May 2023, 13:37

Hello Cloud, that's right and if you still miss the menu entry after that, then this guide can help you:
Codesys menue "Update RaspberryPi" missing

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