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Connect+ DIO Module Configuration ("Cannot retrieve device list: No such device")

30 Mar 2023, 14:05

Hello, I am brand new to controls and the RevPi in particular. I am using a Connect+ and am trying to connect a DIO module on its left side. They are each connected to a 24V power supply via their x4 connectors and both are connected via a PiBridge (shown in RevPi_Setup.PNG). The Connect+ seem to run okay and I have changed the configuration in PiCtory (shown in PiCtory Config.PNG), saved as Start-Config., and selected Tools>Reset Driver (I also upgraded and updated in the terminal prior to doing this). I then tried piTest -d in the terminal to list the device but this results in "Cannot retrieve device list: No such device"). Other piTest commands have the same result. /etc/revpi/config.rsc seems to contain the updated configuration (I am not sure how to upload a .txt properly here to show the file contents), but the 'Power' LED on the DIO module continues to flash red (meaning that it is still not initialized according to the documentation).

I have read through the documentation and searched through many similar forum questions, but have had no success so far and feel like my current knowledge and understanding can only take me so far. For simplicity, I am not try to use the IO pins just yet and can look at this as a separate problem once the DIO module is configured - for now I would simply like to configure the DIO module before I discuss this. I would be very grateful for any help or advice towards resolving this and developing my understanding of the RevPi configuration/issue. Thank you in advance!
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PiCtory Config.png
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Re: Connect+ DIO Module Configuration ("Cannot retrieve device list: No such device")

04 Apr 2023, 13:35

Hello ctrl_newbie,

we have an application note in our knowledge base for exactly this setup.
Have a look at it, if you have any questions, just ask.
Commissioning RevPi DIO High-Side Mode

If this does not help, go through the checklist and redo the application note.
RevolutionPi Checklist

if you still have problems, please contact our support team at support@kunbus.com.

Best regards
Giuseppe Pagano

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