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Rev pi connect firewall

28 Mar 2023, 09:00

unfortunately I could not find the right topic for my question I am new to the forum, and I have a problem logging into rev pi connect using its ip, I cannot open the site or access it via putty, before it stopped working everything was fine, the only thing I did was to turn on the firewall to be able to log into the virtual pultpit, and I have the impression that it is the firewall that is blocking the ability to log into it, I need help on what I can do in this situation
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Re: Rev pi connect firewall

30 Mar 2023, 12:13


If you can no longer access your device remotely, you can connect directly to the RevPi.

Simply connect a mouse, keyboard and a monitor. Then you can log in and remove or modify the firewall settings.

If you still have trouble logging in, the easiest option may be to reinstall the image. Please see the following link.

RevolutionPi Checklist

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