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Need Help to work with a Revolution PI Connect +

16 Mar 2023, 20:24

I am new to this type of PLC, I have knowledge about other PLC's.
But I have a customer who has this Revolution PI Connect+, they want to make modifications to the current PLC.
I am looking for someone who can work with me on this new project, it can be remotely, I have the PC and the programs and access.
With the information found I still have doubts about how to work this PLC.
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Re: Need Help to work with a Revolution PI Connect +

27 Jun 2023, 16:14

Hi PCKora,
I took the liberty of moving your post here. So, I understand your concern that you already have a lot of experience in PLC programming but now "have" to use a Revolution Pi module?
What a nice moment because you can learn some new things here.

Watch the video tutorials, discuss and network with the community, and finally try it out.
Take a look at the RevPiModIO project with the RevPiPyLoad it's great how easy you can program something e.g. in Python.

Good luck, letz Rock!

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