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Access & Modify Pictory Configuration

16 Jan 2023, 17:22

Hi there!

I am currently working on a project with a RevPi and I would like to access and modify the Pictory configuration, preferably with an API.

Here are some examples of what I'd like to do in my program (without having to use Pictory):
1) Change the names of e.g. the inputs of my analog I/O-module.
2) Change the range and measuring method of my analog inputs.
3) Get all the information about the current configuration of my RevPi and its modules.

I noticed in the documentation (and in the git repository) of the RevPiModIO-module that the class objects .app and .summery do exist and seem to be just what I need, but have no useful methods implemented yet. So, unfortunately this is probably not an option.
Also, I read a lot about the .rap (and rsc-)files. However, from what I've seen, it seems that it would be very unsafe and stupid to change all the parameters without a lot of knowledge about the consequences.

I hope I could make it a little bit clear what I am trying to do and where I need some help.
This is really the first big project I am working on, which is why I am also really not used to asking questions like this.

Thanks for the help in advance, and I wish you all a nice day!
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Re: Access & Modify Pictory Configuration

18 Jan 2023, 00:23

Hi Lena!

Unfortunately, you cannot write a configuration with RevPiModIO. The library only reads the piCtory configuration under /etc/revpi/config.rsc. For your point 3: You can read the configured values of the MEMs witch .io.MEMNAME.defaultvalue - Replace MEMNAME and do not use just the .value property.

Unfortunately, there is currently no API for configuring :( The only Thing you can do ist copy the config.rsc File, if you have do deploy it on a new Revolution Pi.

If you need an IO-Monitor to check out the IO values in live, the RevPiCommander could help you. Just turn on the RevPiPyLoad Service on the web page of the Revolution Pi and Download the RevPi Commander on your computer. You can connect via SSH.

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