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[BETA] Buster Image / Buster lite Image with kernel 5.10

25 Mar 2022, 12:50

Dear RevPi Community

We are happy to announce that a first pre-release image (based on Buster) with the new kernel 5.10 is now available for download: ... evpiimages

With the beta release a lite variant is available for the first time besides the usual image. The Lite variant is based on Raspbian OS Lite and contains only the essential components.
Components such as the graphical user interface or pre-installed application software such as Node-Red have been deliberately omitted, leaving much more room for custom applications.

The corresponding release notes can also be downloaded here: ... leasenotes

The corresponding announcement for kernel 5.10 can be found here:


Note: The images are pre-release versions, which may still contain minor bugs. A productive use is therefore not recommended. If you should notice something during testing, we would be happy to get your feedback!


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