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RevPI connect - ModBus direct connect?

27 Jul 2021, 13:41


I have bought 2 pcs RevPI connect for a specific project and we are sonsidering a general use of the RevPI when we need added control features aside from our standard controller. The process setting up the virtual Modbus Master and get the the values into node red using the Exec Node and the piTest command seems a possible way, but it is complicated. Is it not possible to access the Modbus Interface direct from the node red using the "Node-red Contrib ModBus" nodes?

When opening the node the following interfaces are liste /dev/tty/s0, /dev/tty/AMO, /dev/USB0, /dev/USB1. In the virtual modbus master in Pictory the device /dev/tty485 (sorry if the names are not 100% correc t, I don't have the device here and is writing from Memory).

The short the question is. Is it possible to access the RTU Modbus interface on the RevPI Connect directly from node red without having to set up a virtual modbus master in Pictory?

Re: RevPI connect - ModBus direct connect?

30 Jul 2021, 13:34

Hi bmoeller,

the "Rev Pi way" ist with PiCtory, but of course it is up to you to try another way, maybe with libmodbus or something else.

If you find another way, it would be great if you share it with the community.
Or maybe someone from the community has an idea for you.



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