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Post by volker »

We (the RevPi Team) needs to apologize for rescheduling the release of our Jessie image several times. there had been important reasons which I will explain soon below.
But lets talk about the good news first: We will publish the link to the image file tomorrow (Thursday, 1st of June). The sources for components written by KUNBUS have already been published as beta version on GitHub several weeks ago as well as possibilities to build your own image using packages. Please note that these b-versions on GitHub did have bugs.
Let me explain the reasons for rescheduling the launch and our actual status:
When doing extensive testing for the image release we could find some problems and bugs which we wanted to get rid of for the final release of the image. Cause determination resulted in lots of trouble because the bugs did only show up from time to time which made systematic error search nearly impossible. As we hated to delay the launch again and again we made a decision last week: We started programming a work around which definitely helped avoiding the error states without the need to know the cause for them.
We will go on searching for the causes and will publish package updates in about 14 days to get a fully functional system state. The errors and the work around are related to functions which most of our users will never be in contact with. but as these functions need to be working in the future we will publish an update soon. The actual image should nevertheless run without any errors! We only needed to temporarily inactivate some new functions related to module firmware updates.

We would appreciate your feedback and hints for switching from Wheezy to Jessie in our forum. Our editors have already put online plenty of new tutorials all around the Jessie image and new functionalities.
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Re: Finally...

Post by dirk »

The RevPiTimer unfortunately did not make it into the Jessie Release.

But you can find the code in the downloads section.

And for those who cannot wait until it will be shipped via an update there
is good news: If you have Jessie you can follow the installation instructions
in the readme.txt file in order to setup and use it already now. So enjoy
the RevPiTimer! It would be great to get some feedback from you guys.
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