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Problems when passing string and array variables from logiCAD

06 Jan 2020, 13:04

I have two problems with passing variables from logiCAD to PROCON-WEB.

1. Strings
A string variable created in logiCAD is displayed in PROCON-WEB with quotation marks and the string is probably zero-based. For example the five-character string stored in five-character string variable ABCDE from logi.CAD is displayed as "ABCD . If the variable is longer than stored string two quotation marks are displayed.

2. Numerical arrays
If a numerical array variable is loaded to PROCON-WEB table of tags, it looks ok, it shows correct number of array elements, but when used for example in numeric field, the picture shows an exclamation mark and no tag value when running.

Am I missing something or are these bugs?
Thank You.

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