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PiCtory 1.1.1 for RevPi

09 Feb 2017, 13:08

We have fixed a bug in PiCtory.
This error caused the piControl driver, in some situations, to put out wrong addresses
of variables.

The update may be installed using apt-get. Therefore the following steps are necessary:
Conect the RevPi to the internet.
Login on the RevPi (via SSH or on the console)
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pictory
A warning message will be displayed that the package cannot be authenticated.
This can be ignored. With 'y' the installation continues.
After the installation It is important to reload the PiCtory page in the browser.

Alternatively the package may be installed manually. Download the file pictory_1.1.1-1_all.deb
from our server at and copy it on the RevPi
for example via ftp. Install the package with the following command:
dpkg -i pictory_1.1.1-1_all.deb

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