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23 Jun 2017, 11:46

The first version of the piControl-driver and the RevPi DIO, DI and DO modules were sensitive for extreme electromagnetic interference. In rare cases this could result in a stop of the communication between RevPi Core and the I/O-modules. A reset was necessary to restart the communication. The firmware update will solve this problems.

The following steps are needed to get the updates:
  • Update Kernel. The piControl-driver is part of the kernel-package. The easiest way to get it, is to update the whole system with the commands
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    . But on a RevPi Core with CM1 this can take up to 2 hours. It is much faster to update the kernel only:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel
    sudo apt-get install revpi-firmware
  • Update IO-Modul. Only one module can be updated at once. It be placed on the right side of the RevPi Core and must configured in PiCtory corretly. Then
    piTest -f
    must be called. After a reset,
    piTest -d
    should report V1.3 for the I/O-module.

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