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Stretch Image 3/2019

15 Mar 2019, 15:32

Today we've put up the new Stretch Image 3/2019 for download in our shop:


* Latest Raspbian Stretch 2018-11-13 plus all package updates till Mid March 2019
* Support for the Compute Module 3+ with 8, 16 and 32 GByte eMMC
* 25% faster flashing of the image
* piControl with a from-scratch reimplementation of the RevPi Gate communication (more stable, higher performance and simultaneous use with RevPi Con CAN)
* PiBridge networking (Ethernet chips at the PiBridge connector are now usable as regular network interfaces for high availability, load sharing or distributed computing)
* PiCtory scans networks for Modbus TCP devices
* Procon Web IoT with new release

See the release notes for details:

As usual existing systems can be updated with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" to benefit from the improvements.

Please note: For PiBridge networking it is absolutely mandatory to comment out piControl in /etc/modules on all RevPi Core/Connect in the chain and to reboot them afterwards before connecting them together with PiBridge plugs. Failure to do so may result in hardware damage! Also, PiBridge plugs may only be plugged or unplugged while the device to the left as well as to the right of the connector is off (no hotplugging). Details on how to configure the network interfaces will be explained in a separate tutorial.

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