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11 Jul 2018, 09:44

Communication in our forum has revealed a different behavior of the Revolution Pi in modular setups with certain selected modules. The phenomenon occurs only when using power supplies, which provide the target voltage of 24 V only slowly increasing with a ramp time of over 40 ms. In such constellations, it may happen that the modular system does not start after switching on the power supply.

We are working on a solution. With the current device versions, you can avoid the phenomenon by not using the following system constellations:
  1. Using a gateway module "Profinet", "Powerlink" or "Sercos" on the right side right next to RevPi Core or right next to an AIO module.
  2. Using a DI, DO or DIO module directly to the right of an AIO module.

We therefore recommend:
  • Use the gateway modules mentioned under 1) on the left side of the RevPi Core.
  • Place an AIO module on the left directly next to the RevPi Core or Connect or on the right side of the Core on the outside.

We thank you for the helpful hints from the forum and we will keep you up to date with the elimination of this system behavior.
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