Revpi compact unreg method

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Revpi compact unreg method

Post by franck_cern »

I've got a Revpi compact.
On my system, I've got to count some events on a digital input.
for that, I've used reg_event() method. After a count of 10, I want to unregister this event.

Here is the "reg_event" code:

def fan_event_start(self):
global fan_time
fan_time = time.time(), edge=revpimodio2.RISING)
And the "unreg_event":

def fan_event_stop(self):

But it raise me :
raise AttributeError("can not find io '{0}'".format(key))
AttributeError: can not find io 'DInbit_1'

I don't understand my error, could someone explain me ?
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Re: Revpi compact unreg method

Post by dirk »

Hi Frank and welcome to the Revolution Pi community,
probably the variable you want to access, "DInbit_1" is simply not declared.
Can you find it in PiCtory?
Did you save the PiCtory configuration as "Default" and reset the driver?

Have a look at that tutorial:
Revolution Pi Python Introduction
I find the ipython3 shell particularly helpful.

You can interactively see which objects are available in the namespace - a real game changer during development.
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