New Image with PROCON-WEB-IoT available for download

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New Image with PROCON-WEB-IoT available for download

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A new linux image is available for download in our online shop.
You can get the same updates with

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sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
The extension and changes are:
  • PROCON-WEB-IoT is pre installed. Licences and support have to be obtained separately from the manufacturer. You will find more information in the tutorials on our web site.
  • Some bugs in the ModbusTCP master have been fixed. Sockets are closed on reset (piTest –x) and the data bytes and status bytes in process image are set to 0. Problems with access of bits with number 8 and higher are fixed. The number of actions is limited to 32 in PiCtory because there are only 32 status bytes in the process image.
  • Configuration value can be negative or binary (0b...) in PiCtory.
  • Some small issues in PiCtory were fixed.
  • The function “Reset Password to Default“ in the logon screen is more reliable now.
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