RevPi Connect+ Ethernet Port Starting to Fail?

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RevPi Connect+ Ethernet Port Starting to Fail?

Post by ac-igunadi »

Hi There,
Starting to have an ethenet connectivity issue on our Kunbus Port A (ETH0). We are actively using it for development for the last few months, and yesterday any web or CODESYS traffic seems to intermittently work. We have tried reinstalling the CODESYSControl and reload our application with no luck.

We have another Connect+ that we then put same configuration and CODESYS application and it works for 16 hours with no issue.

Just now I just re-imaged unit with the issue and attempt to load the same applications. If it still flakes out it seems potentially we have a bad unit that need help RMAing.

Have you folks similar case with others? Thanks.
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Re: RevPi Connect+ Ethernet Port Starting to Fail?

Post by giuseppe »

Hi ac-igunadi,

if a device shows this problem, we recommend that you follow the RevPi checklist. You can find it here:
Revolution Pi Checklist

If the problem persists. Contact our support:
Support Portal

Best regards
Giuseppe Pagano
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