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Version CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi (ID: 9730)

30 May 2023, 10:34

Hi there,
can someone help me please... I newly installed codesys on my computer, installed a licence on the controller, everything seems fine but it doesnt work. Codesys needs a Version 4.8 but in the kunbus download area there is only a 4.6 available. Either the expected version in Codesys should be changed (but how?) or a new version for the controller should be available (does someone know, if there is any?).
Thanks a lot...
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Re: Version CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi (ID: 9730)

31 May 2023, 08:38

Dear Customer,

Please have a look at this article to know How to manage the compatibility and How to properly run CODESYS on the RevPi.
Best Regards

Ulrich Kouatang Biakoup | Technical Support

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