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Raspberry pi camera?

09 May 2019, 09:25

Is it possible to connect a raspberry pi camera to the revolution pi?
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Re: Raspberry pi camera?

09 May 2019, 09:59

Dear zwanzig, no the RaspberryPi Camera does not work with the RevolutionPi.
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Re: Raspberry pi camera?

09 Jun 2020, 08:39

Hello Dirk,
I discover your product, nice !
we will receive the Revolution Pi 3 and PIO module asap.

Is there a solution to connect these cameras?
Module, traditional raspberry on revolution Pi, FPC / USB connector?

Is the problem compatibility or connectivity?

have a nice day
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Re: Raspberry pi camera?

09 Jun 2020, 15:21

We'll introduce a new product real soon now called RevPi Compact which allows attaching a Raspberry Pi Camera.

Alternatively, a regular USB2 camera should do the trick.
Marc Ndanji
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Re: Raspberry pi camera?

05 Apr 2023, 11:25

Hello Everybody ,

I want to connect a Pi Camera Module NoIR to the Revpi Connect by using a csi-usb or a csi-microhdmi adapter.

But in the schematic of the Revpi Connect , all the CAM pins are unwired.

Is there possible to do it ?
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Re: Raspberry pi camera?

06 Apr 2023, 11:01

Dear Marc,

no, the camera cannot be connected to the internal pins of the compute module. Connecting a camera via USB is a practical alternative.

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